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Smyrna is Fabulous

A Safe, Supportive and Empowering Home for the LGBTQ+ Community and our Allies

Community Guidelines

-We are a group of citizens who want to make our community an inclusive and safe environment for our LGBTQ+ members and our Allies. Therefore content not in keeping with our Mission and Vision is prohibited.


-We believe that everyone should feel Welcome, Respected and Appreciated.  Therefore, acts of non-inclusion are prohibited.


-We Welcome, Respect and Appreciate all members of the community but prohibit unsolicited advertisements, posts of an extremely interpersonal nature, posts containing nudity, violence, sexual activities, exploitation of any person or groups of people, hate speech, aggressive speech or overtly political / religious content as deemed by the administrators.


The administrators of this site reserve the right to remove/deny any submitted content if they feel it is not in concert with our Mission, Vision and Core Values

Smyrna is Fabulous

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ+ Community or an Ally, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!


We are honored to share and support our 2024/2025 Sponsors

This festival is made possible in part thanks to support from Atlanta Pride’s 2024 grant initiative, “Pride Across the Peach State"

Partner Sponsors

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Rainbow Sponsors

Screenshot 2024-05-06 8.21.45 PM.png
Stout Brothers | Smyrna, GA

Jonquil Sponsors

Zucca Pizza | Smyrna, GA
Vickery Hardware | Smyrna, GA
Ofek Family Chiropractic | Smyrna, GA
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Screenshot 2024-05-11 12.52.08 PM.png

Business Donors

Studio 23 Atlanta
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