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What We Do & Who We Are


Smyrna is Fabulous welcomes and celebrates its LGBTQ+ Residents and Allies by creating community and building partnerships founded in social equality.

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Smyrna is Fabulous believes that everyone should feel welcome, respected, and appreciated. We imagine a city where no one has to wonder if they will be rejected as a neighbor because of who they love.

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Our Core Values
Respect, Integrity, Inclusion, Community & Impact
We will Respect you and our community. We will act with Integrity and hold our community responsible for acting with Integrity.  We will foster Inclusion through our Mission & Vision and spread that Inclusive message in every situation. We love our Community and want it to thrive and by loving our Community and bringing it together we will leave a lasting Impact that imbodies Respect, Integrity, Inclusion and Community!


Smyrna is Fabulous Board of Directors

Leah Bulow
Executive Director
Cait Howerton
Director of
Community Relations
MIke Mitchell
Assistant Executive
Director / Dir. Festival
Susanne Salehi
Director of Communications
Marketing & Secretary

        2024 Board of Directors

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Screenshot 2024-01-13 4.06.23 PM.png
Atarah Stringer
Director of
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Screenshot 2024-01-14 3.54.24 PM.png
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